Ouerskap naweek
to Jul 13

Ouerskap naweek

"If a man has failed at home, he is a failure, regardless of where else he may have achieved success.”

Arnold & Joy present a parenting seminar over a weekend that is intended to provide parents with some basic parenting skills. In the seminar they share a great deal from their own experience as parents of two sons and one daughter.

The seminar starts on Friday evening and continues through to Saturday lunchtime. Both Arnold and Joy present lectures on topics like building your child’s self-esteem, shaping your child’s behaviour, developing your child’s intelligence, encouraging your child’s physical development and teaching your child to walk with God. At the end of each session a "kneecap session" is held where each couple will go off privately and discuss the issues that have been presented in the lecture as it affects them. At no stage will any parents ever be asked to share anything publicly about their own parenting problems.

More details on Rustenburg Transformation Centre’s website

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